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In Mina·no·ie, we have created a comfortable place where you will simply feel at home: somewhere you can truly relax, yet feel inspired. The heart and soul of Mina·no·ie is our food. It is healthy, delicious, loving, caring, sustainable, and organic. Our desire is to present simple life-affirming dishes that provide energy, health, comfort and balance – like the very best of home cooking. The characters in Mina·no·ie are embedded in a traditional Japanese small town sense of home that embodies a simple way of life.


Address — 33 Peel Street, Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3066

Phone — (03) 9417 7749

Email — info@minanoie.com

Open Monday to Friday 8 to 4 Saturday 9 to 4 Sunday closed

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Kamawanu week in September 2016

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Kamawanu, the leading tenugui maker in Japan and a supplier to CIBI since we opened 8 years ago, will visit us in Melbourne in September. To make the most of their visit, we will have an exhibition at Minanoie featuring over 200 limited design patterns, as well as three tenugui workshops. It’s a great opportunity to deep dive into the history and culture of tenugui, and explore their amazing versatility. And the opportunity to buy limited edition tenugui!! 


Thu 15th  6 - 9pm     Opening night (free entry)
                                Workshop: wrapping with Tenugui (free entry)
Fri 16th      1pm         Workshop: Tenugui origami $25pp
                  3pm        Workshop: Making accessories out of Tenugui $25pp
                  6:30pm    Tenugui dinner  $80pp(Special Tenugui included) 

Sat 17th     11am(NEW TIME!)       Workshop: Making accessories out of Tenugui $25pp                                                                            1pm          Workshop: Tenugui origami $25pp


*Only limited seats are available. Advanced bookings are essential for the workshops and dinner on 16th & 17th. To book or for inquiries please contact: 【info@cibi.com.au】


Workshop: Wrapping with Tenugui

Learn and experience the many ways of wrapping using tenugui. Enjoy learning the many ways to use this super eco-wrapping fabric, as well as great ideas for gift wrapping.

<Date & Time> Thu 15 Sep  6 - 9pm      

Free entry *Tenugui purchase required to join in the workshop.


Workshop: Tenugui origami

A stunning new style of origami… made with tenugui!  You’ll be amazed tenugui can turn into something totally different and useful!

<Date & Time> Fri 16 Sep 1 – 2pm   Sat 17 Sep  1 – 2pm

Fee $25pp


Workshop: Making accessories out of Tenugui

Let’s make something fun yet practical from tenugui. You’ll be designing and making your own accessory buttons.

<Date & Time>  Fri 16 Sep  3 - 4pm    Sat 17 Sep  11 - 12am(NEW TIME!)

Fee: $25 pp


Tenugui dinner

We’re very excited to create this dinner with Kato-san from Kamawanu, to showcase the presentation of a dinner of delicious Minanoie dishes using tenugui. It further expands the universe of Tenugui uses. It’s sure to be a dinner and night to remember, and give you plenty of ideas for dinner parties in the future.

<Date & Time> : Fri 16 Sep   6:30pm -

Fee: $80pp (Special Tenugui included)


 Tenugui is a rectangular piece of hand-dyed fabric that you can use in whatever way takes your fancy. Made with myriad patterns, stories, characters, and styles, it can be a scarf, table runner, tea towel, or interior decor piece to brighten up your day. It’s also a highly versatile tool with a myriad of everyday uses in and around the house, in the outdoors, even camping.

Our tenugui are made by Kamawanu, the leading tenugui maker in Japan. They believe that tenugui are a communication tool between people, the different fabrics and patterns providing a conversation starter to its rich history in Japanese culture. Over the centuries tenugui have been used as a business card, business identity, to wrap things up, as a towel to wipe away sweat and dry things, and even to create something new.
At CIBI, we love how this simple fabric has become woven into cultural history as a simple tool that be used as part of everyday life. Even as you wipe your brow you can enjoy the colour, pattern and history, and the feel of the planet friendly fabric. They have myriad uses, so we keep a supply of them in the house.